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Features you need to focus your efforts

Goal achievement is a skill anyone can develop (you are anyone by the way)

Short & Long Goals

To-Do lists are great, but it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture.

Plan for Success

Learn to plan for efficiency by thinking strategically

Analyze to Improve

Get better by deciding to continue or make changes to the current plan


Organize as a Skill

Organization is a key to efficiency and anyone can learn to get organized

Online access on any device.

We designed the spearity app so you could access anywhere, anytime on any device because that’s the way we work.

Desktop Ready

Sometimes you need to the convenience of working on a desktop with a full keyboard. Spearity was designed to work on your desktop for maximum efficiency.

Mobile Ready

Are you on your mobile phone more than you’d care to mention? Probably so. That’s okay, Spearity app is made for moments when you’re away from the office, desk or untethered.

Tablet Ready

Stuck between your desktop and mobile? Sometimes the right device is a tablet. No problem for the Spearity app. It was designed to handle any device including tablets.


*paid annually
  • To-do list
  • Quarterly goals
  • Weekly tasks
  • Daily tasks
  • Add multiple calendars
  • Share tasks with others
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  • Custom features

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Spearity App Core Features

Dashboard View

See everything you need to know to reach your goals. See Quarterly, Weekly, Daily, and To-Do List items in one place.

Quarterly Goals

Stay focused on your 90 day goals with our Quarterly SPEAR feature. Looking at the goals regularly keeps them top of mind.

Weekly Goals

Don’t lose another week to “busy”. Prioritize the primary goals for each week so you don’t get lost in activity.


Every day, prioritize the most important tasks. Working a plan daily helps ensure long term success. Develop the daily habit.

To-Do List

Some items need to be done, but not right away. Your To-Do List is place to put tasks “on hold” until the time is right.

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